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Hi, I'm Michael Leventhal - Neurodiversity advocate defining new approaches to overcoming the hurdles of public apathy

Michael Leventhal's Bio:

I am Michael Leventhal. I connect people and ideas to advance the efforts of neurodiversity. I am proposing the creation of an interactive, museum installation designed to stimulate visitors to think about neurodiversity.  Please contact me if this project interests you.

Michael pioneered the use of computers to engage Special Needs students in activities promoting metacognition, communication and volition.  In 2006, Michael proposed the use of Video Resumes for non-testable autistic students and was the first teacher to use video as evidence of performance for the New York State Alternate Assessment.  Michael developed the NY City Beta website on autism and has produced documentaries on autism education for the New York State Department of Education.  

After his retirement from Special Education, Michael became an autism advocate developing multiple websites for technology, the autism community and to help change public perceptions of neurodiversity.  He has presented on his use of technology at autism conferrences in Orlando and Pensacola. His work is explained on his site and documented on his YouTube channels 

Michael is the creator of The Wonderful World of Pinky And The Professor, an edu-entertainment series following the travels of autism expert Dr. Stephen Shore that provides a global perspective on societal attitudes towards Special Needs citizens. He is also co-creator of The Flap Happy CIrcus, an animated series for preschooler that promotes neurodiversity and teaches cooperation.

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Collaboration for neurodiversity, Media,Technology, The Arts, autism, neurodiversity, science, philosophy,cinema,

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